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April Training Nights Schedule


Can all members please remember to stretch off after sessions


Type, Number & Recovery etc.

Tuesday 3rd

3 x 2 Mile reps for group 1 and 3 x 1.5 mile reps for group 1b, at 10k pace with 3 minutes active recovery.

Session 2: - Alternative 10k run session, route to be explained on the evening.

Thursday 5th

1 Mile progressive reps around the Kingsley Avenue / Westbrook Avenue / Ventnor Avenue / Waverley Terrace loop.

Group 1 to run 5 reps, 1st rep at 1 minute per mile outside 5k pace then each rep 15 seconds per mile quicker so last mile is 5k pace.

Group 1b will run 4 reps so 1st mile will be 45 seconds per mile outside 5k pace.

90 Seconds active recovery between reps.

Session 2: - Alternative  run session, route to be explained on the evening.

Tuesday 10th

Beach run from promenade to North Gare returning through the sand dunes.

Thursday 12th

Conniscliffe Road full length hill reps, 7 reps for group 1 with jog back down recovery. Group 1b to run for same length of time.  

Session 2: - Alternative 10k run session, route to be explained on the evening.

Tuesday 17th

400 Metre reps at 5k pace around the site of Jackson's Landing. Group 1 to run 7 reps with 60 seconds recovery and 7 reps with 45 seconds recovery. Group 1b to run 6 & 6.

Session 2: - Alternative 10k run session, route to be explained on the evening.

 Thursday 19th

800M reps at 5k pace around Rossmere Park. Group 1 to run 8 reps and group 1b to run for the same length of time. 70 Seconds active recovery between reps. 

Session 2: - Alternative  run session, route to be explained on the evening.

 Tuesday 24th

Relays on the grass on the promenade in pairs. Efforts of 100, 200 and 300 metres. 3 Sets of 12 minutes with 4 minutes of active recovery between sets.

Session 2: - Alternative  run session, route to be explained on the evening.

 Thursday 26th

Away Day. Meet at the Saxon Church at Hart Village. Run around the Old Monks course then a social gathering in the White Hart afterwards.



All Groups must warm up properly.

Sessions start at 6pm with a warm up.

Tuesday session will be at Seaton Promenade, meeting at the Coronation Drive toilet block car park and Thursday session will be from English Martyrs School.

Each session will be split into two manageable groups with coaches and leaders taking their respective groups.

If necessary members racing the same midweek or weekend should seek advice from relevant coach/leader on the night regarding training and number of reps, workload etc.

These sessions are not set in tablets of stone, though it is suggested that all participate in them to some degree, even if the number or the length is reduced. Please attempt to assist each other by participating alongside other members with compatible ability or in similar groups of three’s and four’s.


Membership is £30 per yearno weekly fees.



Summer Target Races 2018






7th May

Tees Barrage 10k (click for results)

6.2 miles

Tarmac, mainly flat

9th May

Locke Park Pie & Peas, Redcar (click for results)

5 miles

Road, flat

13th May

Sunderland 10k and Half Marathon

6.2 / 13.1 miles


20th May

Raby Castle 10k and 5k

6.2 / 3.1 miles

Multi-Terrain, undulating

20th May

Whitsun Woodland Trail Run

6.5 miles

Trails / paths, undulating

20th May

Pier to Pier 7 Mile

7 miles

Off road

30th May

Daisy Chain 5k 

3.1 miles


10th June

Durham Coastal Half Marathon

13.1 miles

Off road, challenging and scenic

17th June

Pieces of Eight Half Marathon @ Penshaw

13.1 miles


17th June

Aycliffe 10k

6.2 miles


23rd June

Tees Barrage Parkrun

3.1 miles

Tarmac, mainly flat

1st July

Ali Brownlee Riverside Run, Middlesbrough

3.1 miles


8th July

Kilburn 7

7.2 miles

Road, undulating

15th July

Darlington Trail 10k

6.2 miles

50/50 Tarmac/Grass

15th July

Ray Harrison Memorial 10k, Billingham

6.2 miles

Road, mainly flat

18th July

Durham City 10k

6.2 miles

Road, undulating

5th August

South Shields 10

10 miles


12th August

Darlington 10k

6.2 miles


19th August

Branches and Bays 10k, Hawthorne Dene

6.2 miles

Trail, undulating

22nd August

Tees Trail 5k, Newham Grange

3.1 miles


2nd September

Tees Pride 10k, M'bro

6.2 miles


8th September

Castleton Show Run

6 miles


8th September

Great Tees 10k

6.2 miles

Road,mainly flat

22nd September

Lakeland Trail, Coniston

9.3 miles

Off Road

30th September

Redcar 10k and Half

6.2 / 13.1 miles


30th September

Wynyard Hall Trail 10k

6.2 miles







26 races – best 6 races to count.  7 points going to the first HBR home then 6,5,4,3 for the next four; all other participants get 2 points.  Enter as many as you want.  Prizes will be awarded for the series in age categories.



Please remember if you are entering as HBRH then you will be required to run in Club Kit as per the Constitution.


Please email Claire Earle (
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.com) with your results.


Link to final results 

Training Thursday 1st March

Due to the ongoing weather conditions regretfully this evening the training session is cancelled.

Reminder for NYSD Road Relays, 11th March 2018

The NYSD Road Relays meeting of the 2017/18 season takes place on Sunday 11th March at South Park, Darlington.

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Race Results

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