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April Training Nights Schedule


Schedules written by Richie Hambly; Published by PJ.

Can all members please remember to stretch off after sessions 



Type, Number & Recovery etc.

Tuesday 4th

Beach run from car park to North Gare and back.  Approx 6 miles.

Thursday 6th

1 Mile reps. Group 1 5 reps and group 1b 4 reps.  This is to be done on Kingsley Avenue, Westbrook Avenue, Vintner Avenue and Waverley Terrace.

Tuesday 11th

Session courtesy of Simon Bennett.

1,200m @ 5k pace

3 Reps of 1,000m @ 5k pace with a 200m kick to finish off the rep.

2 reps of 800m @ 3k pace

Thursday 13th

800m Reps at Rossmere Park.  Warm up from English Martyrs to Rossmere Park.  7 Reps for group 1 with 60 seconds recovery.  Group 1b to run for the same length of time.

Tuesday 18th

300m Relays on the grass. Teams of 3.

Thursday 20th

Across the fields to Dalton.  Route to be explained on the night.

Tuesday 25th

400m Reps around the site of Jackson's Landing. 6 Reps with 60 seconds recovery and 6 Reps with 45 seconds recovery.  5  Reps with same recovery for group 1b.

Thursday 27th

Meet at Rovers Rugby Club at 6 o'clock. Hill rep session then back to the Club house for a little get together afterwards.

All Groups must warm up properly.

Sessions start at 6pm with a warm up.

Tuesday session will be at Seaton Promenade and Thursday session will be from English Martyrs School.  From April 2017 on a Tuesday we will meet at the circular car park at Maritime Way.

Each session will be split into three manageable groups with coaches and leaders taking their respective groups.

If necessary members racing the same midweek or weekend should seek advice from relevant coach/leader on the night regarding training and number of reps, workload etc.

These sessions are not set in tablets of stone, though it is suggested that all participate in them to some degree, even if the number or the length is reduced. Please attempt to assist each other by participating alongside other members with compatible ability or in similar groups of three’s and four’s.

Club Photo

Locke Park 20, Redcar, Hull 20, Thirsk 10, Hardmoors 55, 19th March 2017

Last Sunday, members of Hartlepool Burn Road Harriers turned out in force against the elements racing 10 miles through to 55 miles.



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