Race Reports

Newton Aycliffe 10K

The Newton Aycliffe 10k took place on Sun 21 June 2009, with 3 club members running.  On a hot morning Paul Wilson (15th) and Bryan Astill (17th) ran well, but David Lake ran a great race to finish 27th in a new PB of 38:24.

Summer Target Races 2015






1st May

Neptune Relays, Sedgefield

1.7 miles


6th May

Tees Barrage 10k


Road, flat

9th May

Cowpen Bewley 5k



26th May

Raby Castle 10k


Road / trail

16th June

Castle Howard 10k



26th June

Redcar 5k


Road, flat

7th July

Kilburn Feast

7 miles

Road, undulating

21st July

Victorian 10k, Marske


Road, flat

25th July

Cowpen Bewley 5k



31st July

Gribdale Gallop

7.2 miles


11th August

Darlington 10k


Road, flat

18th August

Billingham 10k 10k Road, flat

29th August

H.B.R.H. Club 10 10

Road, undulating

11th September

Roseberry Topping 1.5 Fell

29th September

Redcar Half Marathon 13.1 miles Road, flat


16 races – lots to choose from to keep people motivated and give them choice.

Please e mail Jo Beddow (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with your results.



June Training Nights Schedule


Can all members please remember to stretch off after sessions



Type, Number & Recovery etc.

Tuesday 2nd

All Groups:- Pyramid session on either beach or grass consisting of 1-2-3-2-1-2-3-2-1 with equal rest in between efforts.

Thursday 4th


Thursday 7th

All Groups:- Warm up from English Martyrs approx 10 mins.

Groups 1 & 2:- 8 x Summerhill 'Grassy Bank Circle.
Group 3:- 5/6 x 
Summerhill 'Grassy Bank Circle.

Cool down back to English Martyrs.

Tuesday 12th

Summer Time Trial No 1

Warm up then 4 x 400m @70-85% followed by strides.

1 Mile timed run then 4 x 400m @ 85-70% cool down.

Thursday 14th

All Groups:- Ward Jackson Park - laps of the park, fast strides up and down sides with jog recovery along top and bottom. 

Groups 1 & 2:- 5 Laps.
Group 3:- 4/5 Laps.  Fast strides to be done at 80% effort.

Sunday 17th

TARGET RACES - Raby Castle 10k
                      - Ripon 10m
Tuesday 19th All Groups:- 60min steady run or tempo run dependant upon having raced at weekend.

Thursday 21st

TARGET RACE - Lordstones Summer Trail 5k 

If not racing then:-
Across fields to Dalton / Elwick exact route to be decided on the night - groups of similar ability to stay together.

Tuesday 26th

Easy run on beach 5 - 7 miles. 

Thursday 28th

Easy 6 mile run with weekend races in mind - exact route to be decided on the night.
Sunday 31st TARGET RACES - Edinburgh Marathon / Middlesbrough 5k / Preston Park 10k Trail Race


All Groups must warm up properly.

Sessions start at 6pm with a warm up.

Tuesday session will be at Seaton Promenade and Thursday session will be from English Martyrs School.

Each session will be split into three manageable groups with coaches and leaders taking their respective groups.

If necessary members racing the same midweek or weekend should seek advice from relevant coach/leader on the night regarding training and number of reps, workload etc.

These sessions are not set in tablets of stone, though it is suggested that all participate in them to some degree, even if the number or the length is reduced. Please attempt to assist each other by participating alongside other members with compatible ability or in similar groups of three’s and four’s.



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